Antique Carved Sienna Marble Fireplace Surround

An antique carved fireplace surround in Sienna and Statuary marble. This striking surround is in the Neoclassical style. The piece features a beautifully carved central plaque, depicting two cherubs with a lion- when combined, these figures create classical allegory for hope, courage and peace. The central plaque is surrounded by a lintel created from Sienna marble, carved into a stylised acanthus leaf design. The lintel is flanked on either end by a floral paterae end block, that each sit atop finely carved panelled jambs. The jambs both feature depictions of putti carrying grapes above garlands of bellflowers. This impressive surround supports a deeply moulded shelf.


Shelf: 150.5cm x 22cm
Opening: 92cm wide x 89cm high
Overall height: 122cm

Dimensions are approximate.