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The Harrogate

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  • If the environment, simple controls and unrivalled views are at the top of your list then the Harrogate Eco is an excellent stove that ticks all of those boxes.

    A fond and firm classic, The Harrogate is a true powerhouse yet due to its core principles of being energy and CO emission efficient it is fully approved by DEFRA for use in London and other smoke-controlled areas.

    For those seeking 7kW output The Harrogate is a perfect choice, alongside The Caedmon. Both stoves share the same interiors and specifications but have different doors. The Caedmon has a curved door whilst The Harrogate has a flat door.

    This stove can be supplied with an outside air kit which is now a requirement for many new build properties. 

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  • ► British Made | British Steel
    ► DEFRA Approved for smoke-control areas
    ► 7kW Output
    ► Multifuel
    ► Up to 76% efficient
    ► Energy Efficient Class: A
    ► 6" Diameter Flue
    ► Tertiary Air
    ► Optional Outside Air Kit
    ► Brilliant Air Wash System to keep glass clean
    ► Brass or Stainless Steel Fittings & Handle
    ► Maximum log length 35cm
    ► Suitable for a 1.2cm hearth
    ► 10 Year Guarantee 

  • Our selection of Town and Country Stoves come in classic black as standard but for a small additional charge, they can all be supplied to you in the range of colours below allowing them to complement the interior of your property. The specialist paint is extremely resistant to high temperatures.